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Links Between Neuroscience and Personality Type: Dario Nardi Ph.D is Visiting the UK to Explain All!

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I started working with Personality Type in 1993 and was introduced to the Jungian function-attitudes in 1996. The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI®), as you know,  was originally designed to try to assess your preferred thinking approach e.g. what information do you naturally gravitate towards and what criteria do you naturally use to make decisions.

Learning about these “Cognitive Processes” produced a breakthrough for me in working with clients because it avoided some of the labeling, “You are an S or an N”, because you are both.  It is more about which you naturally prefer. Artisans also tend to like this aspect of type (if explained in a hands-on practical way) because this is what you do and they tend to gravitate towards action words.

We also named each function to “demystify” it: for instance when you talk about Extraverted Sensing, it can be hard to explain how you can have an Introverting preference and yet use Extraverted Sensing (Se) – such as for ISTPs and ISFPs. Instead we use the word Experiencing and define this term as being drawn to act on any current physical concrete sensory data. Have a look at the following link for more background information on the approach we use with functions. https://type-academy.co.uk/cognitive-processes-background-information/

What is really exciting in the past four years is the work that Dario Nardi has been doing linking Neuroscience to Jungian psychological functions.  In his neuroscience lab, he views people’s brain activity in real time as they engage in activities from signing their name to participating in a speed dating game and handling decision making situations.  The results are clear: individual personality differences matter!

People of different personality types don’t merely rely on different brain regions. They
use their brains in fundamentally different ways. With this understanding, he highlights how individuals will be able to quickly and powerfully evoke the interest and capabilities of employees, clients, and groups.

Dario is conducting a one-day workshop for the Type-Academy on November 15th, 2013 in London to demonstrate how this work can be used in Coaching and Facilitating. I hope you can join us for what will prove to be an exciting and fast-paced day exploring the links between Type and Neuroscience  – for further details visit our web site here. https://type-academy.co.uk/product-category/training-programmes/ (There are two rates – one if you are a member of a Type Association and one if you are not.)

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