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Customize Your Coaching with the Survival Strategies Model Pt 1

Customize Your Coaching with the
Survival Strategies Model-Part One
By Eve Delunas, PhD

Coaching is not a “one size fits all” business. According to results from a Global Executive Coaching Survey conducted in 2016 by The Conference Board, coaches will be challenged in the coming decade to “Design personal and customized coaching solutions” (The Conference Board, Global Executive Coaching Survey 2016, p. 5).

The Survival Strategies Model offers a paradigm for customizing and personalizing interventions based upon a client’s temperament. Since each temperament responds best to alternate methods and approaches, coaches and counselors can use this information to provide a more favorable and helpful experience for their clients.

In this blog and several that follow, I will be providing examples of how I use the Survival Strategies Model to tailor my approach with each of the four individuals described briefly above: Felix, the Improviser (ISTP), Maria, the Stabilizer (ESFJ), Evan, the Theorist, (INTP), and Lola, the Catalyst (INFP).

Please Click Here to access and download the first part of Customize Your Coaching with the Survival Strategies Model!

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