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Customize Your Coaching with the Survival Strategies Model Pt 2

Customize Your Coaching with the
Survival Strategies Model-Part Two
By Eve Delunas, PhD

Avoid Alienating the Reluctant Improviser (SP) Client

In part one of this series, I introduced four clients, each with a different temperament, and each presenting a unique set of coaching challenges.

We begin with Felix, the ISTP Improviser who has been referred by upper level management. Although valued for his skill and expertise as an airplane mechanic, Felix has been placed on probation due to his hostile and disrespectful treatment of managers and coworkers.

Improvisers are fiercely protective of their freedom and autonomy, so one can anticipate that Felix will (wisely) be highly suspicious of the coach and “on alert” for signs that the coach’s objective is to persuade him to alter his attitude and behavior.

No doubt, Felix has encountered people throughout his life who have been determined to change him, and he is well equipped to defend himself against such efforts. Should the coach suggest or even imply that Felix should or must behave differently, it is likely that individual will be met with an impenetrable wall of resistance from Felix.

To be most effective, the coach must have no agenda—no judgment or expectation that Felix must change or do anything different. Admittedly, this can be challenging, particularly when the organization has hired the coach to “fix” the employee.

In Part Two of this series I provide an approach that is often effective with Improvisers and is based upon the tenants of Reality Therapy and Motivational Interviewing.

Please Click Here to access and download the second part of Customize Your Coaching with the Survival Strategies Model!

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