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Customize Your Coaching with the Survival Strategies Model Pt 3

When Stabilizers (SJs) Neglect Self Care: How to Help

Part Three on Customizing Your Coaching

By Eve Delunas, PhD

In this five-part Customize your Coaching series, we are taking a closer look at how the Survival Strategies Model can be used to optimize your results in coaching or counseling each of the four temperaments. 

In part one, I introduced Felix the ISTP Improviser, Maria the ESFJ Stabilizer, Evan the INTP Theorist, and Lola the INFP Catalyst, and discussed some of the main challenges a coach or counselor faces in working with each.

Part two focused on how to coach Felix, who is a reluctant participant in the coaching process. In this segment, we take a closer look at Maria, the ESFJ Stabilizer, who has come to you at the recommendation of her physician to address her high levels of anxiety and stress and poor management of her type two diabetes.

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