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Customize Your Coaching with the Survival Strategies Model Pt 4

Building Social Confidence in the Avoidant NT Client

Part Four of Customizing Your Coaching

In part four of this five-part Customize Your Coaching series, we look at assisting Evan, the 25 year-old INTP Theorist, who would like to find a girlfriend, but who freezes up when interacting with attractive women. As a result of this problem, Evan has avoided contact with women he does not know. Avoidance is a favored defense for Theorists who are feeling incompetent in one or another aspect of their lives.

Evan has sought coaching assistance as a last resort, and in true Theorist form, he is skeptical that the coach will be able to help him. He will be watching closely to determine if the coach is competent and worthy of his confidence and trust.

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