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Check your Knowledge of Temperament and Interaction Styles

Would you like to check your knowledge of Temperament and Interaction Styles? Would you like complimentary access to two useful tools in working with Temperament and Interaction Styles? If yes, take the opportunity to complete the attached Knowledge Check and return it to me by November 30, 2018. If you score 80% or more, then […]

Customize Your Coaching with the Survival Strategies Model Pt 2

Customize Your Coaching with the Survival Strategies Model-Part Two By Eve Delunas, PhD Avoid Alienating the Reluctant Improviser (SP) Client In part one of this series, I introduced four clients, each with a different temperament, and each presenting a unique set of coaching challenges. We begin with Felix, the ISTP Improviser who has been referred by […]


Virtual Type Academy Program: APPLICATIONS OF THE SURVIVAL STRATEGIES MODEL – 2018 By Eve Delunas, PhD Author of Survival Games Personalities Play Hosted by Susan Nash Founder of the Type Academy Each of the four temperaments—the Improviser (SP), Stabilizer (SJ), Theorist (NT), and Catalyst (NF) is prone to utilizing different survival strategies in times of […]

***UPDATE*** New BAPT Conference Information

We are very excited to tell you more about the upcoming BAPT Conference on April 7-9, 2016 in Missenden Abbey, Great Missenden, Bucks, UK. We are again lucky to host a global range of speakers from New Zealand, Australia, the USA and Europe as well as our local experts. This Conference will provide a great […]

Thoughts around Temperament and Culture…

I recently had the opportunity to work with a major software company developing a Webinar for them around cultural differences. It raised a lot of questions for me around accurately assessing best-fit type when working in a global community, particularly when considering the temperament lens. Temperament (which is a separate yet complementary theory to type) […]

Teaching Type to all Types

I recently had the pleasure of presenting a two-hour session on Teaching Type to all Types at the British Association of Psychological Type Conference in the UK. This is a subject about which I am extremely passionate. Teaching type to all types represents a combination of using effective facilitation (not presentation!) skills together with adapting […]