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Applications of the Survival Strategies Model: Overview Webinar


Virtual Program: Applications of the Survival Strategies Model

By Eve Delunas, PhD Author of Survival Games Personalities Play and hosted by Susan Nash founder of the Type Academy.

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Each of the four temperaments—the Improviser (SP), Stabilizer (SJ), Theorist (NT), and Catalyst (NF) is prone to utilizing different survival strategies in times of extreme stress. While these defensive behaviors are initially a means of coping with difficult circumstances, over time they can become more harmful than helpful. In this virtual program:

  • We examine the dysfunctional behavioral patterns typically associated with each of the four temperaments;
  • We review the stressors that are most likely to trigger each temperament to engage in these maladaptive behaviors; and,
  • We consider temperament-specific interventions for both the home and workplace that promote health, well being, and the capacity to thrive, rather than just survive, in times of stress.

This eight week program consists of four, two-week modules. During the first week of each module you will be given access to a prerecorded 90 minute session with Dr. Eve Delunas, providing an in-depth analysis of one of the four survival strategies. Each of these four training sessions will be available for review at your convenience.

The Improviser (SP) survival strategy of Blackmail

The Stabilizer (SJ) survival strategy of Complain

The Theorist (NT) survival strategy of Avoidance

The Catalyst (NF) survival strategy of Masquerade

During the second week of each module, you will have the opportunity to attend a live, virtual question and answer discussion session with Eve. There will be two of these scheduled at alternate times to accommodate different time zones. For those who miss any of the live sessions, recordings will be posted in a private member area for review.

Please add this FREE Webinar to your shopping cart and then download and play the detailed overview of this exciting new program provided by Dr. Eve Delunas. In addition, you can click on this link Survival Strategies Overview to view a more detailed description of the program.


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