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Manage Your Energy – Not Your Time – FREE Webinar!


There is an increasing body of research which focuses on the importance of managing energy, which is a renewable resource.  Energy is defined in this context as the capacity to do work.  By establishing simple rituals to influence and nurture the various types of energy, individuals and organizations can achieve more sustainable productivity and higher performance levels.  This work originated from Tony Schwartz and was described in two Harvard Business Review articles, Manage Your Energy, Not Your Time and The Making of a Corporate Athlete. The premise is relatively straightforward. However, as with many rituals, common sense is often not common practice.

Four levels of energy are defined by this research:

  • Physical Energy: the foundation of all other energy – our body.
  • Emotional Energy:  the internal climate that supports our performance.
  • Mental Energy: the cognitive functions that guide our focus and where traditional training in improving business performance is based.
  • Spiritual Energy:  our essence which derives from living our core values and achieving a sense of purpose.

This Webinar will introduce you to how you can utilize the knowledge of personality type in optimizing energy levels. Please Click Here to Download this FREE Webinar.

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