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Personality Puzzle – Type For Teens Card Set – Includes Guidebook


The headings on these cards have been specifically chosen to cover the key areas if interest and/or concern for teenagers:

Who am I? I enjoy… I am good at… I may be upset by… I may need help with… What’s important to me? At home? As a student? With friends Relationships?

Using the cards provides a visual focal point which promotes in-depth discussion.
You will enjoy the depth and value of conversations which ensue; they are meaningful and frequently life changing. In a very simple way the cards create an environment where people can discover things about themselves that they never knew. The reward is in the many ‘aha’ moments!
The Personality Puzzle Type For Teens Card Set is mailed to you and the included Guidebook is provided in PDF format for you to print or use on-line as many times as you want. Computers all differ in the way the Guidebooks are presented. The Guidebooks have been designed to read on screen two pages at a time and you may need to adjust the screen view to show this. Of course they can also be printed in whole or part. The optimal way to print is double sided in color and then spiral bound but clearly this is your choice. Professional printers may need permission to print a copyrighted document and permission is given to do this. If you have any questions at all please get in touch by sending an email to susan.nash@type-academy.co.uk.
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