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The answer to team effectiveness is not more global management processes, new structures, or redesign systems. Using case studies, self assessments, exercises, and real life profiles of teams in action, this book demonstrates how to anticipate and overcome team challenges, diagnose potential problems, and capitalize on individual and team strengths to develop high performing teams.

The Type-Academy has developed a comprehensive team building methodology to help all types of teams achieve their potential and produce exceptional results. This approach is called “Teamwork from the Inside-Out” and teaches everyday managers and team members how to diagnose and then directly effect team performance from the Inside-Out.

Most team building approaches have the leader analyze team performance in light of systems, policies, procedures and processes. They describe the characteristics of high-performing teams and try and understand how the team is acting within each category. This approach is known as “Outside In”; i.e. using the criteria for effective team performance and then trying to force fit behavior to meet these criteria. The challenge with this approach is that individuals will continue to respond in their habitual way, because they do not understand how their approach is impacting team performance.

The “Inside-Out” premise states that you can have an immediate effect on team performance simply by understanding individual patterns of behavior and thus the collective team profile. Once you have a picture of your team’s profile, you can implement performance strategies, customized to your team, to effect team performance right now both generally and within the categories for high-performing teams.

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