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The Tricky Trickster Webinar with Sue Blair


Type Academy Webinar March 7, 2019 at 10:00am Pacific Time

The Tricky Trickster with Sue Blair

Applying Beebe’s Archetype framework to our understanding of Cognitive Processes can provide valuable insight for both individual reflection and broader understanding of others’ behaviors. Sue Blair has developed an innovative approach for sharing and utilizing this knowledge.

Tricky Trickster – love it, loathe it or try to forget about it.  Whether you like it or not it probably has a role to play in your life. This session will explore what that actually means for people of different types and shine a light on whether this fascinating theory can help us understand ourselves and also support others when the Trickster starts playing games!

In this 1.5 hour session, with Sue’s guidance we will:

  • Review the eight archetypes.
  • Share insights about how our “Tricky Trickster” can help/hinder our thought processes and actions

The Cost For This Exiting Webinar is $110.00 and a Full Recording Will Be Available After the Session.

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