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Type Trilogy – Complete Guidebook



The Type Trilogy Complete Guidebook, also known as The Complete Coach Guidebook, is designed to be used with the Type Trilogy Card set – and yet it can also stand alone as it contains a lot of useful information about the multiple type lenses and how to use this knowledge in coaching.  The Guidebook is more for the Coach.  The Cards are for using with the client as well as building self-knowledge.

The Guidebook is provided in PDF format for you to download and use either in on-line or printed format. Computers all differ in the way the Guidebooks are presented. The Guidebooks have been designed to read on screen two pages at a time and you may need to adjust the screen view to show this. Of course they can also be printed in whole or part. The optimal way to print is double sided in color and then spiral bound but clearly this is your choice. Professional printers may need permission to print a copyrighted document and permission is given to do this. If you have any questions at all please get in touch by sending an email to susan.nash@type-academy.co.uk

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