Type Academy

Type Academy

Temperament Card Sort

Research has shown that Card Sorts appeal to all four temperaments’ learning styles. Using Card sorts is also a more effective learning and retention tool than lecturing.

The Temperament card sort contains 32 cards in a PDF that can be printed onto perforated card stock (for as many sets as you want).

There are four header cards (one for each of the Temperaments) and seven additional cards that correlate with each Temperament linked to Needs, Talents, Language, Stress Response, Relationships, Thinking Style and Time Orientation. The cards are color coded to aid in implementation of the exercise.

There is also a separate document containing detailed training notes on how to run and debrief the activity, with a description of the four temperaments and answers to the activity.

Works well with the temperament visuals and the temperament handout in the Resources section.

SILVER – 3 A – web – Temperament Sorting Cards FINAL

SILVER – 3 B Leader’s Notes Temperament Card Sort