Type Academy

Type Academy

Simple Temperament overview


Diplomatic Skill Set

Animal mascot – Dolphin

Driving force/core needs – be unique, develop self and others’ potential, have greater meaning and purpose for actions

The Catalyst’s core needs are for the meaning and significance that come from having a sense of purpose and working toward some greater good. They need to have a sense of unique identity. They value unity, self-actualization, and authenticity. Catalysts prefer cooperative interactions with a focus on ethics and morality. They tend to be gifted at unifying diverse peoples and helping individuals realize their potential. They build bridges between people through empathy and clarification of deeper issues.


Logistical Skill Set

Animal mascot – Beaver

Driving force/core needs – be part of a group or team, act responsibly, contribute to concrete accomplishment or goal

The Stabilizer’s core needs are for group membership and responsibility. Stabilizers need to know they are doing the responsible thing. They value stability, security and a sense of community. They trust hierarchy and authority and may be surprised when others go against these social structures. Stabilizers know how things have always been done, and so they anticipate where things can go wrong. They have a knack for attending to rules, procedures, and protocol.

owlTheorist /Rational

Strategic Skill Set

Animal mascot – Owl

Driving force/core needs – be an expert, demonstrate competence and knowledge, retain autonomy and control in activities

The Theorist’s core needs are for mastery of concepts, knowledge, and competence. Theorists want to understand the operating principles of the universe and to learn or even develop theories for everything, valuing expertise, logical consistency, concepts and ideas, and seek progress. They abstractly analyze a situation and consider previously un-thought-of possibilities. Research, analysis, searching for patterns, and developing hypotheses are quite likely to be their natural modus operandi.


Tactical Skill Set

Animal mascot – Fox

Driving force/core needs – be noticed or make an impact, get a result, act swiftly and practically, in the moment

The Improviser’s core needs are to have the freedom to act without hindrance and to see a marked result from action. Improvisers highly value aesthetics, whether in nature or art. Their energies are focused on skilful performance, variety, and stimulation. They tend to be gifted at employing the available means to accomplish an end. Their creativity is revealed by the variety of solutions they come up with. They are talented at using tools, whether the tools are language, theories, a paint brush, or a computer.